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The best tabletop gaming mats ever created are coming…

For the past two years we have been developing a new kind of game mat that will transform any table into a professional gaming surface. We recently successfully crowdfunded production for these new mats on Kickstarter in July of 2016, with an estimated completion of February 2017.

If you missed the Kickstarter and are interested in pre-ordering, please message us under the “contact us” tab for information on how to get on the first printing.

Please feel free to check out our Kickstarter page through the thumbnail link on the front page for more information and reviews, and we look forward to unveiling these masterpieces very soon.

Quiver Gaming Gear began out of a desire to enhance the tabletop gaming experience through large tabletop size gaming mats and play mats that protect your games and make gaming better. Cards can be dealt and picked up easier, tiles and other game pieces hold their place, and dice rolling is softened and contained instead of sending a search party under the table. Our mats are an affordable solution for a professional gaming table that you can take with you anywhere.

Our first line of mats were successfully funded through Kickstarter and delivered to backers in early 2015. For the last 2 years we have been working with a new manufacturer developing a new line of mats with a proprietary material unlike anything available in the market. We are very excited to launch these mats on Kickstarter this June of 2016. Please sign up for our mailing list under the “contact us” tab for more information and when you will be able to order the best tabletop gaming mats and playmats ever developed.

The Quiver Gaming Mat has four distinctive characteristics, which distinguish it from other mats on the market.

  1. Size – Our mats will be available in single piece 36”x 48”and 40”x 58” sizes. The large size accommodates multiple players and creates an inclusive environment for everyone playing together
  2. Portability/Storage – The Quiver Gaming Mat rolls up for easy storage and access as needed.
  3. Surface – There are a variety of surfaces for gaming, but we wanted the most versatile, functional, and comfortable surface. The gaming surface is a polyester material with a nape texture, soft to the touch, but with a subtle grip to keep your board and pieces in place. It is also perfect for dealing and picking up cards, and dampening dice rolls. The Quiver Gaming Mat also features a textured rubber backing that provides non-slip grip to any table surface.
  4. Design/Experience – We have designed our mats with a visual surface that will enhance, rather than distract from, the gaming experience. Our design complements any variety of game or gameplay. We do have some unique themed mats that we plan to release in the near future, and they have been designed with the same principles in mind.


We are excited to share this product and the benefits it brings to tabletop gamers everywhere.

The Quiver Gaming Mat has been designed as an affordable and portable solution for a professional gaming table. Simply unroll the mat and transform any table into the highest quality gaming surface.

Here are a few notes highlighting some of the differences and new features regarding our new line of mats:

1) The gaming surface is a professional grade polyester gaming suede versus a polyester felt. This provides a stronger surface with superior stain resistance that retains the crispness of the printed image over time. Sleeved cards do not catch on the surface anymore either.

2) The nap of the surface is slightly shorter fibers, but pristine for card dealing, sliding tiles, and overall luxury softness. While the longer fibers and nap of the polyester mat were excellent for picking up cards and pieces off of the surface, this has been compensated with the shorter fibers of the new mat through a 3 mm high density foam layer. It provides just the right amount of padding to allow for some resistance to grasp cards and pieces with ease.

3) The rubber backing is more flexible, allowing for greater durability and resistance to creasing. The mat can easily be folded without blemish.

4) The new Quiver mat will lay flat immediately upon unrolling, versus having to roll the mat the other direction to compensate for immediate results.

The Quiver Gaming Mat will be available in the following designs, and come in three different sizes: 36″ x 36″, 36″ x 48″, and 40″ x 60″:

This highly-detailed star field theme has an average of 70 stars per square inch, the perfect backdrop for X-Wing and other space-themed games.

LIGHT OF KNIGHT, dark grey polygon

available in 36" x 48" & 40" x 58"


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